Working Bee – Dec 2 2012

On Sunday December 2nd we had a garden working bee at the centre. These photographs are the results of everyone’s hard work.

Early Childhood Education needs to have lots of meaningful opportunities for children to connect with nature.

Our aim was to create a garden for the children. A garden which offers a myriad of opportunities for the children to learn, to play and to relax.

We designed a garden where they could plant seeds, watch them turn into seedlings, then document discuss and explore the next stages. This kind of discovery is high interest and high motivation learning.

We’ve hung baskets on fences to encourage science exploration and investigation for young children. We’ve created shady spaces under lovely old trees for young children to work. Quiet spaces are also lovely to sit and reflect, create, read and ‘be’.

We’ve chosen edible plants and herbs which the children can water and tend to and pick to go with their lunch or a quick healthy nibble on the go. As well as edible hands on experiences where the children can prepare lunch with our chef.

Young children use their sensors to learn so we have lots of beautiful smelling plants like lavender and heaps of herbs they can eat too.

Our hard work has resulted in a transformation of our garden. Continuing our 360 pedagogical shift in Early Children Education. Child guided, community participation, passionate educators, sustainable – and amazing space to be.

Thank you team!





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